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Just another trader trying to find his way in the markets.

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Trade Entry on DGAZ

Trade Entry on DGAZ

Yesterday I entered a position on DGAZ in my Robinhood account. I took this position on the 2hr time frame for a swing trade that is still ongoing as I write.  Here is the comparison between NatGas and DGAZ at the time:Natural GasDGAZSo why did I make this...

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In this latest video, I go over a simple moving average crossover strategy that netted me over 6% on FTR last summer.

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Macbook Pro w/two monitors, ThinkOrSwim, Robinhood, Ustocktrade


Daily, 4hr, 2hr, Tick Charts

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EMAs, Volume, VWAP, PFE, VZO, Stochastics