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Affiliate Niche Site Update #3 – Brain Sputum

Ok. I’m getting affiliate overload right now. I haven’t done much to the my niche site recently, but I’ve been listing to podcasts, watching webinars and reading blog posts about getting traffic.

Warning, this post is basically me typing as I think at this exact moment, documenting everything running through my brain…


It’s arguably the most important piece of the puzzle in online marketing. You need it or you don’t have a business, plain and simple. I can see why so many people are flat out OBSESSED with how to get traffic…and also why people are willing to pay for traffic, or pay a lot of money to learn how to get traffic.

Naturally, as a “solopreneur” starting out, I kinda tend and want to do EVERYTHING myself. But I just don’t want to do everything myself, but do it and be successful, without paying a whole lot to start. I’ll be honest, even with THREE jobs I’m on a tight budget. I don’t part with my money easily when it comes to idea like Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords. Us IM newbs are looking for the quick, easy, free way to dump traffic on our sites but It just isn’t gonna happen like that is it? Content creation is slow…and I already have the issue that I’m not super excited to create content for my niche site in the first place. So what the hell am I going to do to get traffic? Hmph.

dollar dollar bills yall
Kenny F’n Powers knows what’s up

I think I need to take a step back. I kinda jumped into this saying…”hey…I know a few things about this topic. I also know how to create a website. So I’ll just write a few blog posts and magically I’ll outrank in this very easy* market for these keywords and BOOM, dollar, dollar bills, y’all. 

So let’s take stock of what I’ve got here.

  • A website, less than a year old
  • 20 something blog posts
  • A facebook account
  • A twitter account
  • A pinterest account
  • some 300+ visitors a month*
  • 15 people on my email list

*mostly spam traffic

So where to (re)start from here?

I think I need to go back to nearly the beginning. I’ve already done the research and chosen the niche. That’s not going to change at this point. The next thing to consider is perhaps who the audience is supposed to be, but I’ve already had an idea of that in my head for a while now.

No, I think I really need to outline how I intend to make money from the site. Am I going to sell physical products (probably not), electronic products, sell advertising, adwords, etc. I’m leaning towards an eBook. There are plenty of resources on how to do it and I can basically sell it without much hassle.

From there I should take my assets and what I want to sell and craft a real strategy around the process of gaining customers and holding on to them. I’ve already made a rough sketch I’ll probably post later.

The niche site experience is daunting

Geez..this is a lot more to think about than the simple 1-2-3 step process self-proclaimed experts try to sell you on. It may be just 2 or three steps…but the reality is there are tens, if not hundreds of things to do and consider within each of those steps. It’s daunting, I’m not gonna lie. It’s very very daunting.

My sticking point in internet marketing, isn’t the technical bits at all. It’s two things…coming up with a strategy and sticking to it without getting overwhelmed, and getting over the not-insignificant amount of apprehension I have to hop on the computer and work on the business. That’s something I’ve got to learn to overcome with time.

Some days go by where I’m listing to podcasts all day like the SPI Podcast and get a rush of inspiration and excitement about the possibilities of making significant money online. I can’t wait to get home or go to the coffee shop and crack open the computer and pound away at it.

But then I leave work and actually get home and it’s like…all the clear, inspirational thoughts I had are gone and I don’t know where to start anymore. This routine I know is holding me back. There’s so much to implement and I feel nothing but a time crunch. But why do I feel a time crunch? I’m not exactly in dire straights…not exactly backed into a wall…thought I feel like it…and I’m not responding to it nearly as well as I hoped I would. That’s kind of depressing…

Simple Conclusions

So getting back on topic. I messed up. I threw up a website with a bunch of articles, did some middling-level of social media building on it…abandoned it for months…and now that I’m back on it I don’t know what to do. I really don’t even know what I’m going to sell.

So now I’m going to go think about that and come back. That’s what I’m gonna do.


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