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Cassie Richards Pageant Ads

My son and I are really close to a family that live in town. When Ryan was still a baby, they would often babysit him while I went to work. They’re so awesome, every one of them, and their daughter Cassie, is a beautiful young lady who has competed and won local pageants and is very active in her community.

I had the pleasure of designing some ads, featuring her, that were to go into a program pamphlet at won of her pageant competitions. Unfortunately I found out afterwords that the pamphlets were printed in black and white…which is a shame, because as you can see, she’s gorgeous lady.

image of pretty girl in ad
Ad for Lisa’s Hair & Tan for Cassie Richards Ms Powhatan County Fair and Ms Greene County

The first image is for Lisa’s Hair & Tan in Ruckersville, Virginia, where Cassie is a client. The photography by Skip Plitt (see ad below) was fantastic. I really didn’t have to do much to touch up the photos other than Cassie’s hair looked a little grayed out. I put a little more brown back into it using Photoshop and that’s about it!

There was a lot of information that needed to be included in this ad so I decided to use a couple different fonts and colors in the typography to draw viewers’s focus. I used Snell Roundhand in a large size for the name of the salon and yellow Myriad pro for the “Call Now” Call-to-Action , and Didot for the location and staff information.

image of pretty girl in photography ad
Ad made for for Cassie Richards Ms Powhatan County Fair and Ms Greene County for Skip Plitt Photography

The next ad was a lot of fun to make. Cassie and her mom showed me a similar style ad with sidebar and I was like…”I can do way better than that”. This ad is for Skip Plitt Photography, which did the shoot for Cassie. They also gave me one of Skip’s business cards so I took that and recreated it in photoshop to be included as the ad piece. The ad was sponsored by a family friend, Mr. Haney, which I put in Georgia Italic.

image of pretty girl in ads for used car company and motel
Ads I made for Cassie Richards Ms Powhatan County Fair and Ms Greene County for Dean Motors and the Trail Motel

This next set were two separate half-page ads to be included on the same page. One for Dean Motors and one for the Trail Motel. For the Dean ad, I tried to look at car dealership banners and distill that down into something simple. The photography wasn’t great in this one, as I had to cut the ends of the Jaguar E-type off.

The Trail Motel was fun. I looked online to find a picture of the actual signage the motel uses and simply recreated it in Photoshop, paying ver careful attention to the font.

Trail Motel sign

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