Like you, I want to become successful in online marketing.

Want to make money online? Well, you’re not alone. WE…are not alone. Since the beginning of the world wide web, people have been trying to make money using it. Let’s face it. We’re not exceptions. It’s been done before, and will be again and again and again.

Of the probably millions of people around the world who try their hand at Internet Marketing from home, very few of those will actually turn a decent buck in their efforts. Hell. I may be one of them; it remains to be seen.

So what is it that is going to drive you and I to success?

Motivating Reasons

What’s going to set you apart from those who fail? Well, as with anything you take up in life, there must be reasons, i.e. motivating factors that propel you to success in that project. For instance…when I want to learn a song on guitar. I listen to it all the time. I think it sounds so cool and would be fun to play. I could close my eyes and pretend I’m playing it on stage for a large audience, or actually play it for my friends and family to impress them. These are all the motivating factors for taking the time and effort to pick up my guitar and practice that song.

This is just a simple example of motivating factors. In general, the amount of motivation is proportional to the size of success you desire. In the guitar example, simple levels of motivation (the song was cool, it’s fun to play, you could play it for your friends) was all that was required to make the effort to learn the song.

Larger and more complex examples require larger levels of motivation.

Primary Motivating Factors

Primary Motivating Factors are deep-level reasons for doing something—anything that requires them. Getting married requires them. So does the decision to have a baby, study a particular major, move across the country, etc. These are all big changes that require big reasons to match them.

For me, I want to be successful in Internet Marketing. What does being successful online look like to me?

  • Consistent monthly income—making more money than I do in my W-2 jobs
  • Working 20 hours a week max

So if this is what it looks like…what are my reasons for getting there? Sure money is great, and cars, TVs, not working SO much…but what are the Primary Motivating Factors driving me to get there?

BMW M3 - Internet Marketing Goals
Pretty much my dream car – BMW M3

Well I’m not going to lie…I’d love a BMW M3, 100″ 3D curved glass TV, tons of time off from work and season tickets to the Falcons…but those aren’t primary motivating factors. Those are just things. What we are after for in life are the feelings that these things provide us.

What I really want is the financial freedom that money can bring. Not having to worry about money alone is a powerful feeling that I’ve rarely felt since the end of my college career. That’s a powerful feeling when I don’t have to check my bank account before getting a tank of gas.

I’d also like to work less. But why do I want to work less? So I have more time to do everything else. I work ALL the time and the little time that I don’t work, I get my son. I love him to death and I want more and more time with him each week that passes, but am unable to do so. I’m largely unable to do so because of my schedule and the amount of time I spend working to support him and myself. If I had more time AND more financial freedom, we could do anything we wanted together. THAT’s what I want and WHY I want it.


So what are your Primary Motivating Factors?

Tell me in the comments below!

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