I’m Starting an Affiliate Niche Site in 2015

So at this point I’m going to mention that before I revamped this website, I had already started my nice affiliate site in April of 2015. I will do my best below to recollect the process I did to choose the niche and create the site, a long with my lack of attention paid to the site and thus lack of dollars earned.

One of the major and more popular forms of Internet Marketing is Affiliate Marketing. Before you ever came to my site, you probably already know what it is, but just in case…

Affiliate Marketing is simply selling other people’s products or services and getting a commission on those sales.

You don’t need to make the product yourself, ship the product, perform customer support for the product, or anything of the sort. All you have to do is market the product by building a website devoted to a niche, drive traffic to that site, and promote the product. Magically you will be rolling in $$$$ right?. WRONG. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s also getting more difficult every year as the search engines, social networks, and other platforms revise their terms and algorithms to weed out the crap websites and properties on the web.

So this is awesome, because I’m starting my first affiliate site in 2015, after all the Google Panda, Penguin, Platypus, Parrot (ok I made those last two up) updates have been enacted, and there are surely more to come…

Let’s Start.

Background Research

Prior to 2015 I had spent a lot of time on and off for a couple years researching Internet Marketing, and affiliate marketing in particular. I spent far more time daydreaming about it rather than doing it, which is a common problem among IM noobs such as myself. I always came home from one or both of my jobs too tired to want to devote time to more work that wasn’t going to see a payoff for a certain amount of time…so eventually the inspiration died out.

However very early in the year in February/March 2015, I saw a video pop up in my youtube sidebar. What I saw was a nappy-headed hippy-looking pot-head named Jay, AKA, Lazy Ass Stoner. The video that popped up was “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies [IN PLAIN ENGLISH]. That video was so great, I ended up watching nearly all of his videos in a single night, as he explained SEO marketing, SEM Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Reddit Marketing, Tumblir Marketing, better and in much easier terms than anything I had seen before (or since, really).

So Jay really deserves the credit for rekindling my desire to try my hand in IM, but there was another, incredibly successful Internet Marketer and made my eyes open even wider, and that was Pat Flynn at the Smart Passive Income Blog. The guy is truly the most genuine person online in this space. Most of the IMers you find out there are, if even monetarily successful, incredibly sketchy. Not discounting their success as at all, but Pat’s approach to every part of his online presence is humble, approachable, and authentic. Because of this, Pat is probably the best role model for Internet Business in the IM niche today.

I’ve also come across other, widely-known IMers over the past 10 months. Alex Becker at Source Wave, comes to mind, as well as Vick Strizheus. They aren’t as authentic as I’d like, and Vick in particular has had legal trouble before, but there are things I’ve learned from each, watching their videos that I believe would be beneficial to anyone starting this journey.


In the next post, we’ll go over the basic methods I did to choose my niche

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