Time for a Change

I’ve had this website going since 2012, when I first started learning web design. I really didn’t know what to do with it other than talk about html, CDs, and maybe football and Formula 1. I had no actual plan other than holding the domain for my real name.

Well that’s going to change now. I’m evolving this website into a platform to showcase my personal brand. Under this brand will be several topics that will tie into a simple underlying theme, the self and self-fulfillment.

In marketing there are three ginormous niches that are important to every individual on the planet. Health, wealth, and relationships. These are the three issues that this new evolution of VincentWilkes.com is going to comment on and perhaps eventually, affect.

Meeting a young millionaire businessman one time, Cameron Johnson of Roanoke Va, he told me that on the path to success, you’ve got to put yourself out there. He went and contacted Michael Dell multiple times before he ever got a response, and Michael Dell told him that he responded because Cameron reached out to him more than once.

In order to accomplish anything, you first must do something. Small accomplishments take small dos and larger ones take much larger dos. Putting yourself out there to make a change is one of the biggest dos you can do every single day.

This is me, putting myself out there.

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