image of me and son at zoo

At the Zoo

Howdy, I’m Vince. I’m a 20-something aspiring solopreneur living in central VA. I currently work, not one, not two, but three jobs as a W-2 employee. I am an email marketing specialist for a retail company by day, server/bartender by night, and front-end web developer in the in-between. As a native Atlantan, I have have tons of love for “the 404”, the Falcons, and the Georgia Tech Football team.


This Website

This website serves a couple different purposes.

  1. To teach new and moderately experienced Affiliate Marketers and Internet Marketers tools, techniques, and tips to speed the development of their business websites and blogs.
  2. To chronicle my own Internet Marketing Journey.

The biggest piece of value I have to offer those getting started in Internet Marketing is my experience and knowledge in website development, WordPress, workflow. There are plenty of marketers out there who teach the basics of setting up a website, but in some cases, more information is needed to truly complete a certain step, or the training doesn’t quite cover some aspects of website development that can save you, as an Internet Marketer, time, money, and headaches later.

My own Internet Marketing Journey is something I want to discuss in parallel with the main focal point of this website. As I produce and promote the main content of the blog, I will keep track of all progress being made from a business standpoint. This isn’t designed to teach you, the reader anything about Internet Marketing, but instead let you follow along as I try to build upon my success in Internet Marketing.

My Primary Motivating Factors

I’m also a single parent of an amazing 5 year-old. A lot of the more impactful internet marketers ask their followers to search for the deeply-rooted reasons they want to be successful, beyond the money, the cars, and other tangible things that come with success. They want you to find within yourself, your primary motivating factors for becoming successful in online business. So for me, providing a future for him is my biggest primary motivating factor.

What are some others? Well, I’d like to not have to worry about how much I have in the bank, how much the next car repair is going to be, or if I can afford to live in the same place next year, for starters.

How did I get into Web Development and Internet Marketing?

You might think, based on the theme of this blog, that I have a mostly technical background, but truth it, I don’t. I studied International Affairs (Foreign Policy) in college, but upon deciding I didn’t want to work for the government, I got stuck in the service industry, where it’s easy money, if not a whole lot…

When my son came a long, something had to change, and to move up the job ladder I decided I need some technical skills. I  chose to study web design and development, mainly HTML and CSS. I learned a lot thanks to guys like Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks and Treehouse. That knowledge helped me transition my part-time research job into a full-time web dev/management position, where I got to hand-code websites and develop fully-functional WordPress themes.

As time has gone by, however, I became interested more in marketing, particularly Internet Marketing, which can be far more lucrative than building websites. I’ve spent the past couple years, months at a time learning from all the Internet Marketing superstars and finally started building my first sites dedicated to different forms of IM.

Great things are planned for this website. I hope you find the information I provide here useful. If you would like to subscribe to my email newsletter below, you’re going to get even more great content that I won’t provide on the site, such as website analytics, marketing progress reports, and special announcements.