Yup. It’s gone. 

I had two full time jobs working onsite as a front-end web developer and remotely as an email marketing specialist.

I also traded on the side, with casual dreams of trading full time for a living.

It was an amazing situation for me, as I was making good money to support my family while maintaining flexibility in my schedule and the ability to fund my trading dreams.

Well all that changed in September 2019. I lost my day job, and with it over half my income.

So here we are. What is this youtube channel for and what am I doing here?

Here’s the situation. I need two things:

Flexibility and income,

Getting another job as a an employee adds to my income but takes away from my flexibility, which depending on pay, could cost me that additional income anyway.

So, I believe I’ve been presented an opportunity here. While I still have a full time income, I want to create additional income through trading, while at the same time documenting my development right here on this channel.

I also want to research and try other avenues to add sources of income that I can create from home.

Those are the two concepts for this channel.

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–>Vince Wilkes Youtube Channel

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